Clevertouch Interactive Displays for Education

Clevertouch displays are designed for education. Engage children in ways both new and familiar with the bestselling educational touchscreen.

Clevertouch Education

The latest generation of interactive large format touch displays are available in a choice of sizes. These include the Clevertouch 55”, Clevertouch 65”, Clevertouch 70” and Clevertouch 75”. These multi-touch panels increase engagement and collaboration for audiences in any setting. With Android appliances built in on all models, Clevertouch offers excellent value and when you also consider the peace of mind provided with its 5-year warranty as standard this is a product that will deliver long after your initial investment.

Educational customers can choose between 2 options. Firstly, the Clevertouch Plus Series, which includes intuitive touch screen controls, common-sense connectivity, and integrated Cleverstore. The Clevertouch Plus Series is specifically built for educational purposes. They have an integrated Cleverstore which includes an ad-free and cost-free educational app store. It offers full internet access as well as a child-proof screen lock, providing safety and security for teachers as well as their students. An intuitive file management system enables teachers to be organised and with a 20-point multi-touch gesture feature, students can actively collaborate and share their ideas with their classmates.

Clevertouch Education

Clevertouch UK also offers a Clevertouch Plus 4K Series, which has the same features as the Clevertouch Plus Series but with an added 4K display and a 10-point touch display screen.

The other option is the Clevertouch V Series. This offers full touch screen capabilities at a budget conscious price. The Clevertouch V Series has all the essential features of a Clevertouch*. It has anti-reflective glass technology and a HD screen. There is an optional built-in PC, which means there is no need to connect wires or install software to it. The Clevertouch V Series also allows for up to 20- point multi-touch gesture and writing capability.

*Without the Cleverstore or any integrated apps of the ‘Plus’ and ‘Pro’ range.

Plus Series / V Series Comparison Chart

Clevertouch Comparison Chart

The Clevertouch UK range also caters for higher education purposes. As well as offering the same Clevertouch V Series and Clevertouch Plus Series, as mentioned above, it also offers a Clevertouch Pro Series.

The Clevertouch Pro Series uses a LUX user interface. There is no set up or calibration required. There is full Internet access available for teachers as well as allowing them to view files without needing to connect additional devices. It allows for active student teacher collaborations and screen sharing, making learning fun and interactive for students.

Clever Software Suite is included with every Clevertouch Plus and V Series touchscreen.

Software included:


CleverLynx is an annotation software where you can import any type of document and make notes over it. The annotation toolkit includes pen, paintbrush, highlighter and fill area. Screen capture allows you to save these annotations. An image bank and wide variety of maps are available.


Snowflake MultiTeach – Learn through play with games and activities in a range of subjects.


DisplayNote lets presenters and teachers control their Clevertouch with their tablet device or phone and share content from that Clevertouch with multiple participants across multiple devices via the cloud or over a wireless networks.

Clevertouch Education


CleverMaths has all the features you would expect from great annotation software, but it also includes maths and physics tools. Draw 2D and 3D shapes, use the on-screen calculator, make maths lessons come to life with the interactive tools.

Clevertouch Lux Dual Slot

Clevertouch Plus Clevertouch Plus 55 LUX
Clevertouch Clevertouch Plus 65 LUX
Clevertouch Clevertouch Plus 70 LUX
Clevertouch Plus 75 LUX
Clevertouch V Series Clevertouch Plus 86 LUX

Clevertouch V Series

Clevertouch Plus Clevertouch 55 V Series 1080p
Clevertouch Plus Clevertouch 65 V series 1080p
Clevertouch Plus Clevertouch 65 V Series UHD
Clevertouch Plus Clevertouch 70 V Series UHD
Clevertouch Plus Clevertouch 75 V Series UHD
Clevertouch Plus User Guide

Interactive Panels - Education Comparison Chart

Rapid have been providing leading edge interactive touch screen solutions to education for almost 20 years, but what is the best product for your school or college? Here is a handy comparison chart of our products, for more information click on the product most suitable to your organisation and contact us for special offer pricing on supply and installation.
Brand Range Sizes Resolution Touch Pen Audio Appliance Software Warranty SRP Prices

View Product
65,70,75 & 84" HD 8 Point all bar 84 10 point 2 yes SMART Learning Suite 5 Years On-Site from

View Product
65 & 75" 4K 4 Point 2 yes SMART Learning Suite 5 Years On-Site from

Kapp iQ Education
View Product
65 & 75" 4K 4 Point 2 yes Kapp iQ AM30-EDU SMART Learning Suite 5 Years On-Site from

Plus Series
View Product
55,65,70 & 75" HD with options for 4K 10 Point 1 yes Android Snowflake CleverLynx CleverMaths Displaynote 5 Years On-Site
Call for Prices

V Series
View Product
55,65 & 70" HD 10 Point 1 yes Android Snowflake CleverLynx CleverMaths DisplayNote 5 Years On-Site
Call for Prices

View Product
65 & 84" All HD - 84 System 4K 10 Point 1 yes Avocor Eclipse 5 Years On-Site from

F Series
View Product
65,75 & 84" 4K * 10 Point 1 yes Windows 10 Avocor Eclipse
Office 365
5 Years On-Site - Eclipse Software Included from

View Product
55,65,70 & 84" All HD - 84 System 4K 10 Point 2 yes Android ActivInspire Professional 5 Year Return for Repair Warranty - Eclipse Software Included from

IL & RP Range
View Product
42,55,65,70,79 & 84" All HD - 79 & 84 Systems 4K All 10 Point bar 42" 6 Point 2 yes Android DisplayNote All 5 Years Re/De Install Warranty bar 42" 3 Year De/Re-Install Warranty" from
All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT and are subject to Rapid Technologies Terms & Conditions E&OE.

Why Buy This Product Our team look to exceed your expectations and deliver the very best customer experience.

Star Features

Choices from 55" to 84", with CleverLynx, Snowflake, DisplayNote and CleverMaths Applications include.

Who is it for ?

Teachers, Tutors and Students in Primary and Secondary Schools, Academys, Colleges and Universities.


5 Year Next Business Day on Site De-Install / Re- Install.

Buy from

Available on Education Approved Operating Leases for £ 50.85 per month.
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