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Multisite Networks

Multisite Network Radio solutions are the establishment of a Radio wide area networks, these have multiple applications but are most commonly used for networking more than 2 buildings together or the provision resilience or disaster recovery. Multisite Radio Networks can currently be provided offering capacities from 2Mb to 1 Gb.

The majority of radio links within the UK can vary between 1km to 30 km, but distances up to 100kms are feasible and viability can easily be determined via our survey and consultation services.

Multisite Radio Networks are traditionally employed on licenced links. Licenced links through the resources of OFCOM ensure you have a unique frequency which is interference free. A suitable solution for your application can be very easily ascertained though our survey and consultancy services.


We have a great deal of experience in providing solutions for multisite connectivity and have products an services to fit any criteria which include:-

  • Metropolitan Links – Multiple deployment of microwave radio for interconnected sites across metropolitan areas.
  • Rural Links – Multiple communication links between sites in rural communities / areas.
  • Metropolitan to Rural – Multiple communication links between cities or towns and breaking out to remote locations.

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