Nureva Span Classroom

The Nureva Span classroom collaboration system combines a panoramic projector system with a cloud-based service and personal apps to enable active student collaboration.

The Nureva Span Classroom system helps students develop the skills they’ll need for future success.

Think and create

Students use personal devices to capture their thoughts as notes, images and sketches, contributing them to a shared panoramic canvas when ready. Embedding individual work at the front end of the collaborative process fosters creativity and ensures participation by all.

Nureva Experience Healthy Debate

Nureva Experience Devices Set Aside

Share and make connections

Once ideas are shared, a group or an entire class can work with the contents on the expansive canvas to classify, discuss, debate and think critically. The canvas’s space and structure means no one’s contribution gets lost. Students refine ideas and explore different perspectives as they work together to reach shared understanding.

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Expand and deepen

Collaboration doesn’t end when the class does. One session with the Nureva Span system could spark several others, and students can continue to contribute to canvases from school, home or anywhere. There are multiple ways for teachers to help students deepen learning and achieve success.

Hardware details

Transform any school wall into a rich collaboration space with the Nureva Span system. Panoramic projectors incorporate solid-state illumination (SSI), meaning they’ll never be out of service as you wait for replacement bulbs. Touch modules enable up to 10 simultaneous touch points on the single system and 20 on the dual system. And with the choice of 10' or 20' (3.1 or 6.1 m) panoramic systems, you’ll find the option that best suits your space.

Single System WM210E

Nureva - Single System WM210E


  • 1 panoramic (16:6) projector and wall mount

  • 1 touch module

  • 2 pens

  • 1 remote

Nureva Dual System WM220E

Nureva Dual System WM220E


  • 2 panoramic (16:6) projectors and wall mounts

  • 2 touch modules

  • 1 image-alignment module, customized for 16:6 aspect ratio

  • 4 pens

  • 2 remotes

  • Optional WhisperTek™ surface

Optional WhisperTek™ surface

This optional, high-performance projection surface will withstand the regular wear and tear from pen and finger touches over time. The bezel-less, lightly textured surface has a diffusive coating that enhances brightness and colour while eliminating hot spots and glare. It ships as a lightweight roll, and two people can easily apply it to a wall in under 30 minutes.
Nureva Classroom - Specification Sheet

Why Buy This Product Our team look to exceed your expectations and deliver the very best customer experience.

Star Features

Revolutionary classroom collaboration product available in 3, 6 or 9 metre Solutions. Innovative web based platform allowing intuitive collaboration from Windows, iOS and Android Devices.

Who is it for ?

Teachers, Tutors and Students in Primary and Secondary Schools, Academys, Colleges and Universities.


12 months on site warranty with option to upgrade to 3 years.

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Available on Leases for £per month.
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