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Rapid Technologies offer a comprehensive range of Business, Venue, Conference, Education and Home Entertainment projectors from world leading brands. Customers have the choice from the smallest ultra-portable models for mobile presentations, our stylish home entertainment range, a choice of versatile desktop models or our high-end auditorium machines

Short Throw Projectors

hitachi ED100 (* NEW *) Short throw projectors don't look like your normal multimedia projector. The lens has been designed to produce big screen presentations from a very short distance (typically 10 to 60cm) between projector and screen. Short throw projectors allow you to have more space during your meeting and eliminates shadow effects caused by people and objects in front of the screen

Ultra Short Throw Projectors

epson-eb-440w (* NEW *) Ultra short throw projectors redefine how projectors are being used in both education and corporate environments. Using new unique high performance lenses, these short throw projectors are able to dramatically reduce the throw distance and therefore of removal the adverse shadow effect (allowing the audience to see your presentation on the screen, rather than on your back!).  The other major benefit is the projector no longer needs to be part of a costly installation but can be mounted so close to the screen that a special boom arm mount is all that is required.

3D Projectors

BenQ 3D Ultra Short Throw Projector (* NEW *) DLP technology uses million of microscopic, digital mirrors that reflect light to create a stunning picture for the best projectors on the market. This imaging technology is so fast, it can actually produce TWO images on the screen at the same time: One for the “left” eye and one for the “right” eye. Then 3D glasses combine the two images to create an amazing 3D effect. Spawned from all digital DLP Cinema projectors found in movie theaters around the world

Revoltuniory New Mercury-Free Projectors

Casio Projector (* NEW *) The world’s first mercury-free high-brightness data projectors from Casio are not only eco-friendly and affordable, but also versatile as they can be used for many applications including digital signage, education, business and home entertainment. Casio also claims that the Green Slim’s long-life Hybrid Light Source provides longer operation in digital signage applications compared to mercury lamp projectors and can be rotated 90 degrees for portrait display (when using WXGA format models). The projectors family, offering a 100” or greater projection, 20,000 hours without changing lamps with up to 2,500 lumens, in the same time they weights just 5 lbs and are only 1.7” thin.  For education use only - the warranty is 5 years!!

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