Solstice Pod

Present Anything, Wirelessly

The Solstice Pod allows multiple users to simultaneously share media to a room display using their laptops and mobile devices over a WiFi or Ethernet network. The Solstice Pod is a turnkey solution that connects to the display in the room, enabling any number of users to instantly connect, share and control content on the display, improving wireless presentations and meeting room collaboration.

Solstice WIFI

All Solstice Enterprise Edition Pods on a network can be centrally managed using the Solstice Dashboard for Enterprise Edition, and the Pod’s built-in wired and wireless network cards support dual-network modes for collaboration among users on separate guest and corporate networks.

BYOD Support for the Conference Room or Classroom

Users can bring virtually any device into a meeting and share content to the Solstice wireless display. The Pod deploys client software to Windows and OSX computers automatically without the need for an external Internet connection or administrator privileges. For mobile devices, the Pod directs users to the correct app store download page for a free install of the client app (Internet access required for mobile devices).

Present Anything, Wirelessly

The Solstice Pod allows users to connect and share just about any visual media. Share desktops with synchronous audio, application windows, videos, images and mirror mobile device screens to the display. Each source is a live video stream that is updated in real-time on the display.

Multi-User and Multi-Source Support

Any number of users can connect to the Solstice Pod and share media to the display at the click of a button. Multiple sources can be shared simultaneously from the same device or from any connected user. Sources are automatically tiled onto the screen for side-by-side viewing or can be positioned and scaled into any custom layout.

Easy Control

Users interact with the Pod through an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface. Click and drag any source to arrange layout, move sources into and out of view, make any post full screen, or pan/zoom a single source. In the same way, videos can be paused/played through the user interface in a collaborative manner.

Display-Side Control with Multi-Touch Support

Enable a user to lead or moderate the meeting from the Solstice display via multi-touch support for touch-enabled displays. With display-side control, the display becomes a fully-functional interface with all the same control of the collaborative session as Solstice users connected wirelessly via laptops and mobile devices.

Moderator Control and Security Settings

For settings with presenters/instructors, the moderator mode allows one or multiple leaders to accept/reject incoming user connections and preview media posts submitted by guest users for approval before they appear on the shared display. Moderators can either lead a session in which others are able to submit media for review, or moderators can present with no content from guest users. Other security settings include an on-screen key that limits connections to users who are in line-of-sight of the display, password protection, and even on-the-fly ‘do-not-disturb’ mode that locks a secure meeting once it’s underway.

Enterprise Display Discovery, Encryption, and Management Dashboard

Meetings get started quickly thanks to Solstice Directory Service (SDS), a non-broadcast TCP/IP-based mechanism for display discovery that allows users to click-to-connect and start sharing instantly. Furthermore, Solstice Enterprise Edition Pods supports optional encryption of Solstice network traffic keeps all Solstice data secure, and the Solstice Dashboard provides IT administrators centralized, one-to-many management of all the Solstice Enterprise Edition Pods on the network.

Easy Installation

The Pod is compact and easy to deploy behind a flat panel display, above a projector, or on a tabletop. Connect the HDMI output to a display to create a Solstice-enabled environment. The Pod connects to existing network infrastructure or can be deployed as a collaboration hotspot using its wireless access point.

Solstice WIFI

Flexible Network Deployment and Configuration

IT administrators can configure Solstice Pods in-room using a mouse, remotely via a web browser, or centrally via the Solstice Dashboard for Enterprise Edittion. The Pod’s default splash screen can be modified to match corporate branding. The user-experience can be customized to remove or add features based on various collaboration settings throughout an organization. User access control options can be set remotely or left to be defined in the room at runtime. Network configuration options allow Solstice base ports to be changed, allow access from multiple networks to be enabled, allow bandwidth usage to be limited, and allow the types of shareable to be media specified.

Solstice 4.0 and Gen 3 Hardware Platform

Mersive Solstice 4.0 along with the new Gen 3 hardware platform takes meeting collaboration and productivity to the next level, serving as a global platform for the modern meeting space.

Perfect for Huddle Rooms & Other Small Spaces
Solstice provides simultaneous wireless and wired file sharing as well as delivering value between meetings by displaying room calendars and HTML/digital signage URLs when not in use.

Perfect addition to existing technology infrastructure
By adding to plug-and-play support for a range of meeting room equipment and standards, Solstice leverages and enhances the existing technology infrastructure.

Optimise Meeting Spaces for Greater ROI
Solstice 4.0 delivers the collaborative capabilities to enhance meeting collaboration and engagement and the analytics and insights needed to understand meeting room utilisation.

Available Brochures

Solstice Pod Brochure
Solstice Pod for IT Departments
Solstice Pod for IT Departments

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