Capture, publish, search and manage your videos with Mediasite. A video platform with the power to transform how people learn, communicate, collaborate, and ultimately excel.

Mediasite is the most automated and scalable video platform for every aspect of your video deployment. Capture, edit, share, search and manage videos in one secure place. With great flexibility in capture and deployment options and the highest quality viewing experience, Mediasite has the most watched content in the space. Mediasite also offers the most extensive team of video experts to help you achieve your goals.


Mediasite's Key features:

  • Live Event Streams - Expand the reach and impact of your event with live streaming. Mediasite makes it easy to capture, edit and stream or let our event streaming team handle everything.

  • Automated Capture - Automated workflows guarantee you’ll never miss a teaching, training or learning session. From capture to publish, get peace of mind knowing everything said and shown will be recorded. Even better, you can reduce in-room support, because Mediasite lets you monitor one to hundreds of Recorders in real time.

  • Recorders for Any Room - Right-sized appliances for any room: The schedule-based and plug-and-play capture appliances let users teach and present as they’re most comfortable. From everyday classrooms and training facilities to lecture halls and simulation labs, there’s a Mediasite recorder for any room.

  • Micro Content - My Mediasite makes it easy to create great looking videos, screencasts and slideshows. Pair your content with your webcam or simply a voice over, and My Mediasite’s Desktop Recorder does the rest. No pro video skills required!

  • Video & Web Conference Recording - Mediasite Join, available on-premises as an appliance or as software in Mediasite Video Cloud, streams collaborative calls live and makes them available on-demand. Join integrates with existing conferencing systems, capturing audio, camera feeds and any content shared in your training room, huddle room or classroom.

Enhance powerful content

Not every video is meant for everyone, so Mediasite gives you the controls to guarantee only authorised users have access. More importantly, it delivers end-to-end protection of your entire video library and all content creation, management and editing functions.

Custom Players
Mediasite players accommodate a variety of learning styles by letting users rearrange, resize, pop out, speed up or slow down videos. With built-in templates to choose from, content creators can pick a theme, add banners and even choose which playback controls to activate.

Captioning & Speech to Text
Integration between Mediasite and captioning providers for speech-to-text gives users deeper insights than ever before into their data. The integration gives Mediasite full content search for everything said and shown in many languages and a caption editor creates cleaner transcripts and more accessible videos and better study tools for all.

Connect with your audience

In-Content Search
Mediasite automatically makes all your videos as searchable as text so you can search across and within all your content and pinpoint specific spots.

Publishing & Integration
Mediasite Curate, watch, share and manage videos via Mediasite channels. With deep engagement features and powerful search and social sharing, users can create customized video playlists. accommodate a variety of learning styles by letting users rearrange, resize, pop out, speed up or slow down videos. With built-in templates to choose from, content creators can pick a theme, add banners and even choose which playback controls to activate.

Share, Quiz & Comment
Engagement features like quizzing, annotations, commenting and polling help instructors measure progress and give real-time feedback on viewers’ understanding. Plus, they can see who watched what and when and filter by quiz score, time spent watching the content and length of content watched to see the effectiveness of their videos.

Analyse your data

Intuitive Analytics
Mediasite’s powerful video analytics and built-in reports show exactly who is watching what and when. Monitor things like peak activity and viewership by browser, operating system and device type, and plan effectively for future video needs.

Success Metrics
Gauge viewer interest and understanding of material in real-time with embedded quizzing and polling features. It’s the deep insight you need to understand viewing behaviors, measure your content’s impact and value and make informed decisions.

Why Buy This Product Our team look to exceed your expectations and deliver the very best customer experience.

Star Features

A stylish UHD 4K Display in a metal frame with 4 mm Toughened Glass, availble in 65,75 and 84" sizes. Exceptional 10 Point Touch and built in Android appliance with CleverLynx and business apps for browsing documents meaning its ready out of the box without need for a PC to be connected.

Who is it for ?

Small, Medium and Enterprise business customers. Manufacturing, Healthcare, Military.


5 Year Next Business Day on Site De-Install / Re- Install.

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Available on Competitive business rate leases from £146.11 per month.

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