Signage made simple...

Sedao Signage products are simple easy to affordable which is the reason why they are used extensively by primary and secondary schools, small retailers, government departments, hotels, bars and in fact anyone with a screen and a message to convey.

Feature rich...

Developed by professionals with a background in the broadcasting industry Sedao products have now become some of the most established and proven products in the digital signage industry.

Each of Sedao’s products offers a feature-rich package at an affordable price, and as a result Sedao has allowed digital signage to become the primary communications tool across almost every business sector – so whether you’re involved in a 5-star hotel or a small local primary school, Sedao products can work for you.

Sedao software has the ability to allow anyone to create their own professional looking graphics. They can then include, resize and position them alongside almost any other kind of media at any resolution, including HD, and leave it looking as if you have a graphic designer.

Sedao’s reputation and extensive client base across every business sector is testimony to why Sedao is the perfect solution for every digital signage system. Whether it’s internal communications and visitor messaging in corporate offices, touch-screen kiosks in museums, campus-wide communications in schools and universities, or menus in cafés and hotels, then Sedao has done it. 

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