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What is Digital Signage?

nowsignage screen on shop window

The benefits of using display technology in the workplace… The way that businesses present information is changing. As a result of technological advancements, companies are now using more than just leaflets and posters to display, advertise and showcase products to their new and existing customers. Because of this, many businesses are investing in digital signage to communicate to their audience and target new customers, but what exactly is digital signage and how can it be used to benefit your workplace?  Digital signage is a form of digital installation that can be used to show information and advertisements. Businesses can use these displays to showcase a wide range of content, such as promotions, digital wayfinding, announcements and more, in different settings. Here are some of the benefits you will gain from incorporating digital signage into your workspace. Brands such as Clevertouch with their Cleverlive software and NowSignage allow for easy, efficient and centralised management of these signage displays- with users able to push scheduled or unplanned content to all of their displays simultaneously. These signage portals allow for in-depth planning of content display schedules- ensuring that important information is constantly visible in a busy workplace.  Increased engagement  Thanks to captivating visuals, digital signage attracts the attention of those who are passing by, ensuring everyone on site is up to date and aligned with any important messages or updates. As a result of this, businesses are more likely to see success from these pleasing illustrations as they capture the interests of customers and clients.  Real-time updates and emergency messaging  Digital signage allows you to quickly update and change what is shown on screen, creating seamless ways to have live information at all times. Whether this be for timetables, news, or announcements, having the ability to quickly alter your displays means that everyone can be informed rapidly. In addition to this, nobody is left out of the loop in situations that require a quick response, like emergency announcements.   Interactivity  Touch capabilities can also be a feature with some digital signage solutions. The multi-functionality of these screens allows for maximum customer interactivity- while information may be being cycled passively, a simple touch of the screen may lead the customer to a map or feedback form. This means that businesses are able to take advantage of real-time data and feedback, such as customer opinions or feelings, wayfinding or offering information in a way that is both informative and engaging.   Flexibility and personalisation  Content customisation and flexibility could not be simpler when it comes to utilising digital signage. It is easy to adjust imagery to fit your requirements – whether that be text, videos, animations or images. This takes the stress out of creating eye-catching and fun visuals whilst still making your content exciting for onlookers.  Improved communication  Because of the compelling nature of signage, it is easy to gain the attention of consumers and deliver important messages and information. If you wish to use digital signage in a public place, potential customers can see exactly what your brand is about with just a quick glance, making for a simple way to market your products or services.  Cost-effective   Whilst it is often assumed that digital signage is expensive, it is actually quite the opposite. Over time, using digital displays rather than constantly having to print new content means that money is saved, as updating content digitally means that information no longer needs to be physical. In addition to this, signage does not require large amounts of power to run as most modern setups use LED displays rather than traditional backlit signs. This means that the solution is energy efficient and has a low maintenance cost. As digital signage can be monitored remotely, there is no need for workers to remain on site, which in turn saves money on office costs or additional travel expenses.  If this sounds like something that your business would be interested in, then don’t hesitate to contact us!