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With over 30 years of experience — and thousands of successful deployments for education, corporate, healthcare and retail locations — you can depend on our proven operational excellence.

Complete peace of mind with our range of Maintenance & Support plans.

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Peace of mind

If you have purchased network, VOIP, audio visual or video conference equipment, you’ll already know the vast benefits of using it. Investment in owning a flexible and scalable solution gives you the ability to communicate with colleagues, valued clients and suppliers in an efficient, personable, costs effective and environmentally beneficial manner. However, it’s important to also consider the support that you will need with for it. At Rapid Technologies, we can help you get the very best from your existing or new equipment, whilst giving you peace of mind in the longevity of your investment.

Designed to meet your needs

Like all great technology, it does require some maintenance and peace of mind should a technical issue arise. The majority of manufacturers make the first years’ warranty a mandatory purchase as part of the equipment investment, so you’re protected from the outset. However, after that first year, like with all large companies, contacting them when you need something can be strenuous from waiting in queues, to getting the job done when you finally get through to an operative.

At Rapid Technologies we can renew the warranty for you each year to ensure your equipment stays protected, but where we really add value and differentiate, is in the specialised support and technical expertise that our Managed Service support packages give you.

Managed Services Provision

Warranty will normally only cover parts, so to compliment this we can offer in addition our managed services giving you access to a team of technical support advisers who you can contact regarding any query or issue you’re experiencing. They can support you with training, or log into your system remotely to diagnose and investigate your issues, through to resolution. If the issue means involving the manufacturer, they won’t stop there, managing this side of the process while fully keeping you updated of the status.

Our Maintenance Packages:

Tailored to your needs – All of our service packages are backed up by our monitoring and call tracking software where we can share our performance results to keep you entirely up to date through our support services. 

We can tailor your support to provide you the service level agreement your organisation requires with options for:

Preventative Maintenance

An annual or bi-annual preventative maintenance visit from one of our engineers, who will conduct a health check of your all equipment.

Advanced Parts Replacement

Should your Network or AV equipment need to be worked on remotely, we can provide you with and install an alternative working solution, so that you don’t experience any down time whilst your equipment is being fixed.

Onsite Engineer Resource

Should your issue require an engineer on-site to diagnose/fix the problem.