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Secure Your Space With Modern Access Control...

Introducing the cloud based access solution that’s easy to deploy for every building and user. Combining reliable hardware and user-friendly software, the KISI system works perfectly to help improve the security of your workplace. Manage locations and streamline operations remotely, while staying compliant.

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Scalable Access Control

Manage your spaces from a single pane of glass, anywhere, anytime. Easily configure specific access levels across your entire workplace to gain insights on people entering and exiting your spaces.

Powerful Integrations

Streamline operations and minimise security risks by integrating Kisi with your existing tech infrastructure. Integrate security cameras, data analytics tools, visitor systems and even software including fitness apps, to have even more control.

Monitor Security

Secure spaces and prevent tailgating with Kisi’s video intercom and video management system. Identify trends & flaws in your security and measure the impact of security policy changes by comparing historical data within the Kisi dashboard.