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The leading sign-in and visitor management system for education...

EntrySign has been chosen by thousands of education establishments throughout the world as their preferred sign in system to safeguard students, staff and visitors.

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All visitors can sign in and out using dedicated options on the touchscreen, contactless ID cards and even touch-free using their own smartphone. The EntrySign back-office suite can also track important information, such as vaccination dates, health and safety induction and more.

EntrySign also includes a comprehensive range of germ control features and optional accessories to help maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.

COVID Secure Features...

A range of germ control features help maintain a healthy workplace by screening staff and  visitors, enforcing hygiene, encouraging social distancing and monitoring contacts. These features include:

Touch free sign-in

When visitors, contractors or parents arrive, they simply scan a QR code to begin the touch-free sign-in process, using their own device. Suitable for impromptu visitors with no pre-booking or app download required.

Temperature screening

Temperature scanners can be integrated into any sign-in process, helping to detect elevated body temperature and providing an extra level of screening. This may help to identify an otherwise undetected risk to your staff, students and visitors.


EntrySign’s smart sanitiser helps to enforce good hygiene when people arrive or depart your school. Politely request or mandate sanitising as part of your sign-in or sign-out process, whilst maintaining a full record for reporting and auditing purposes.

Health Screening

Request information and ask staff, visitors and contractors to make health declarations, such as a High Temperature, continuous cough, loss of smell/taste etc, using on-screen questions and statements. Restrict entry or notify staff based on the information submitted during sign-in.

Capacity Management

Keep your spaces safe by setting site occupancy limits and automatically staggering visitor arrival times. If a building reaches capacity, EntrySign can notify staff and even restrict sign-ins until it is safe to do so.

Contact Tracing

Post-visit contact tracing features help if there are any reportable symptoms or confirmed cases. Quickly see who was on site, attended the same meeting or used the same entrance and view contact details, if needed.

Keep track of staff and pupils MIS Integration

EntrySign integrates with all popular school management systems, making admin a breeze and ensuring registers are always up-to-date. Post-registration movements (late arrivals and students/pupils leaving school early) can be recorded using EntrySign.

Compatible Technology Policies & Important Notices

Display important information and policies to visitors and contractors, including safeguarding policies and health and safety notices. Record acceptance, capture signatures and collect additional information where required.

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entrysign system in school reception

Safety Evacuation Reports

EntrySign provides quick, real-time information about who is on site in the event of an emergency (e.g. a fire evacuation or lockdown) including post-registration movements. Instantly accessible via mobile devices or physical printouts. Know exactly who is on site at any moment in time. See dashboards and views that show clear, real-time information at a glance. Look back at any time in the past, with customisable filters and reports. Track DBS dates and other essential safeguarding information.

Ensure safety of staff MAT Personnel Sync

Share staff lists across multi-academy trusts or multiple schools, allowing staff to sign in quickly and easily across associated sites. ID cards and fobs can also be synchronised, even where multiple technologies are used across the sites.

EntrySign Benefits...

Security and Safety

Providing visibility of exactly who is on your premises at any given time is essential to safeguarding your staff and visitors. From generating quick and instant evacuation reports, to looking at historical data, EntrySign ensures you have the information you need, right when you need it. You can also search or filter by specific criteria (e.g. names, companies, vehicle registrations) to quickly view the data you need to maintain a safe and secure workplace.

Improve Efficiency

By providing a professional, self-service sign-in process, your visitor experience will be quicker and easier. Meeting and appointment confirmations can be automated and notifications to staff are sent automatically when visitors arrive. Display and collect relevant information, screen visitors and enforce relevant entry requirements automatically, giving your staff more time to focus on other tasks.

Professional Welcome

Everyone visiting your organisation will receive the most professional welcome. Present a smart, modern and cohesive brand image with EntrySign. From the moment they are pre-booked, to entering your reception and signing in, your brand is at the forefront of the visitor experience.

Helps with Compliance

Ensure visitors receive all the necessary information upon arrival and capture and monitor relevant information about your contractors. As well as recording and tracking important documents and dates, EntrySign can help with data compliance, such as GDPR. It is easy to keep visitors informed and fulfil requests, such as subject access and erasure requests. Automated housekeeping ensures data retention is in-line with your policies.

Entrysign Add-ons

Additional Screens

Connect additional screens to your EntrySign system to use at multiple entrance points or to increase capacity in busy environments. On-screen options can be customised, making them relevant to the user at each location.

EntrySign Units

Where additional entrance and exit points do not require the full functionality of an additional screen (e.g. staff entrances and exits), EntryScan units offer users simplicity and convenience using contactless cards and QR codes in a compact solution.

RFID Reader (Plus NFC)

Contactless RFID tokens allow people to sign-in/out effortlessly and multi-format readers work with most existing technologies, like access control cards. Purchase new tokens from the EntrySign accessories catalogue or add NFC and Bluetooth LE support for mobile.

EntrySign Pass Printer

Included in every main EntrySign screen, the pass printer produces quick and clear photo ID badges for visitors and contractors, to display their DBS status where required. QR codes also offer added security and convenience when signing out or returning.

QR Code Reader

QR codes offer a convenient way for pre-booked visitors and event attendees to sign in. Dedicated QR readers are designed to quickly read QR codes from both screens and paper printouts and are recommended for high volume receptions. Visitors can sign in and out easily by scanning QR codes in booking emails and on visitor passes.

Welcome Screen

Provide the ultimate reception to your visitors, by displaying a customised, branded welcome message, news feeds and slideshows on a dedicated screen in your reception area. Use your existing signage screen*or purchase a complete hardware and software package.

Access Control Integration

Use existing access control cards/fobs with EntrySign. For more enhanced functionality and convenience, connect to a supported access control system to synchronise data and automate doors, speed lanes, turnstiles, and more. Supported access control systems include Paxton, Stanley and more.

Fire Alarm Integration

Automate the generation of evacuation reports with EntrySign’s fire alarm interface. When sounding your fire alarm, EntrySign will print a fire evacuation report to a designated printer(s) automatically. Evacuation reports can also be emailed to allocated staff members in your organization or accessed via the EntrySign Live web app.

ID Card Printing

Produce your own printed ID cards using EntrySign’s ID card printing add-on. Use information stored within your EntrySign system to quickly create personalised ID cards directly from the Back-Office Suite. Use your own ID card printer or purchase a complete hardware and software package.

New options are here EntrySign Apps

EntrySign Live Logo

EntrySign Live

EntrySign Live’s simple web-app is easy-to-use and can be accessed on virtually any device with an internet connection and web browser. EntrySign Live provides an electronic copy of your roll call in the cloud, accessible on demand.

My EntrySign Logo

EntrySign My

The My EntrySign app can be installed on staff devices to provide quick and easy sign-in using their mobile phone. My EntrySign also allows staff to pre-book visitors and see which colleagues are currently signed in.

EntrySign Visitor Logo

EntrySign Visitor

The EntrySign Visitor app provides a quick and convenient sign-in for people who regularly visit multiple sites, by pre-populating information (e.g.name, company, vehicle registration and more).

EntrySign Remote Logo

EntrySign Remote

The Remote Sign-In app allows your staff to check-in wherever they are working.* Define specific work locations using geofencing or record the exact location at sign-in.