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Unlock the power of digital signage with CleverLive...

CleverLive is the software platform, which empowers the creation, deployment and management of content across one or numerous Clevertouch displays, regardless of their location. Easily make amendments in real time or schedule changes in your calendar. Send emergency alerts at the touch of a button to instantly send content to one or multiple screens.

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Cloud Management Platform

Manage everything from your own CleverLive account, using any internet-based device, regardless of where you are.

Flexible design templates

Personalise your own template using a library of 200+. Equipped with a drag & drop content editor, design creation tools and landscape & portrait mode.

Engaging content

Share attention-grabbing content and display important messages that include text, photos/images, videos, web pages, RSS feeds, social media integrations and more. Create a playlist to display content based on time, dates and even seasons. Send preset messages, emergency alerts, or fix a typo and all of your screens will reflect the updates within seconds, no matter where the screens are located or how many there are.