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Much more than just an interactive touchscreen...

The perfect all-around solution for the modern classroom. Featuring high precision technology, LYNX Whiteboard, Cleverstore and Snowflake – the IMPACT series display helps save time when planning lessons thanks to a library full of resources and learning activities.

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Powerful and feature rich Key Features

Available in :   55″ 4K   |   65″ 4K   |  75″ 4K  |  86″ 4K


High Precision Technology

Super Glide Touch technology, offering the most fluid writing experience on a true 4K resolution touchscreen. It’s as smooth as writing on a whiteboard and the display can even differentiate between palm-erase, fingertouch, and stylus-writing.



2 x 15W speakers for crystal clear sound quality, that can be heard from anywhere within the room.



A range of connectivity options including one of the latest USB-C ports, enabling single cable connection for audio, video, and touch.


NFC Pen Tray

Teachers can be assigned to a fob card that carries all of their settings and accounts, eliminating the lengthy log-in process, thanks to the NFC pen tray.


Infinity Whiteboarding

Never run out of space with the infinite canvas. Featuring numeracy tools, writing-to-text recognition, images and shapes – all of which can be saved, printed, or shared to other devices.


Remote Management

View, control, update and troubleshoot remotely. Your IT team can work on your Clevertouch screen without physically needing to come into the classroom. You’ll always have the latest versions of apps and software without needing to install any additional files, preventing any interruptions when teaching.

More Features...

Comprehensive Warranty

Get peace of mind with an Industry-leading warranty tailored to your needs, for when you need it. There aren’t even any ongoing subscription charges.


Access hundreds of free teaching apps to make lessons fun and engaging.


CleverMessage provides digital signage to your display, when it is not being used in a meeting. Sync your company calendars to display the timetable or even book and manage your office spaces. Present company news, latest information, and daily updates, as well as emergency alerts.


Mirror content from any device including Chromecast, AirPlay, or MiraCast to share content from any device to your UX Pro display. Up to six users can simultaneously display content and you can mirror-back to four devices.

LUX 8.0

Simple, quick, intuitive apps and gestures, designed to make everyday tasks seamless, thanks to it’s easy to use interface.



Lynx and lesson planning software allows teachers to create multi-page lessons with embedded media. Use with a connected computer, or in the Lynx app.


Create interactive activities for your class or even join the online Lessons Community to download activity templates that others have created.