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Pico MK5

clevertouch mk5 digital signage player
Supporting everyday digital signage needs...

Manage your organisations’ digital signage from a single platform enabling you to send content quickly and easily.

The PICO MK5 is a functional media player that supports everyday digital signage requirements.

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Cloud Interface

Connect the player and screen to your cloud interface to remotely manage content.

100’s of templates

Choose from hundreds of templates that you can edit and redesign or even create your own.

Administrator Account

Assign an administrator to control all screens via one central account.

Sub-user Accounts

Sub-user permissions eg. edit only or edit and publish.

Screen Grouping

Group screens to send targeted messages to specific audiences.

Advanced Scheduling

Create a playlist to display digital content based on time, dates and even seasons.

Instant Messaging

Instantly send a single message to screens.

Virtual Buttons

Send emergency messages with a single click from your personal device.

QR Codes

Engage with your audience by enabling them to change pre-designed content on screen and take-away information via the automated URL browser download.