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Wireless presentation & conferencing solution with Barco Clickshare...

The wireless presentation and conferencing solution from ClickShare enabling simple screen sharing with just one click. Make everyone part of the meeting, to boost productivity in the workplace.

ClickShare Present enables simple wireless presentation for any meeting room. Improving collaboration by being able to share content from any device including laptops, mobiles or tablets, onto the central room display in seconds. No need for additional cables, software or training.

ClickShare Present enables hybrid meetings on familiar platforms including Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex. Wirelessly share content with one-click.

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More Features...

Simple To Use

One click content sharing

Intuitive Wireless Experience

Plug & play with the ClickShare Button plus Workflow integration with the ClickShare App.

Full BYOD Experience

Including Airplay, Google Cast and Miracast.

4K canvas

Share side by side in full HD

Enhanced Video Performance

Full lip-sync and fluent video.

Touch screen support*

Control the shared computer with touch back. Annotate & make digital notes to save & share.

Advanced Collaboration Features

View the room display on your device and even share your full screen, or a single window.

*features only available on the C-10 model.

Mobile App


ClickShare C-5

clickshare c5 wireless sharing device

4K content sharing, ideal for huddle spaces.

ClickShare C-10

clickshare c10 wireless sharing device

Great for interactive collaboration in any meeting space.