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Since 2010, Evoko Room Manager has taken the hassle out of room bookings. No more double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings. Evoko Liso is now even brighter and slicker to look at. With the same aim as ever – ensuring all your meeting rooms are being used in a truly effective way. Integrate Evoko Liso with familiar calendar systems such as Outlook and Google Calendar.

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Simple room booking The next generation room manager...

Simple room booking Bright and helpful

Evoko Liso makes it easier than ever to book a room with your favourite digital calendar, or via the screen directly. With a new and improved intuitive user interface, the room booking system presents all information stylishly on the screen and it automatically changes when someone walks up to it, ensuring the most relevant information is displayed. Book, end or extend a meeting directly from the digital clock or use the calendar to search for other rooms based on availability, size and equipment.

Evoko Liso has a good looking, award winning user interface and design. Arguably the most aesthetically pleasing room/desk booking solution. Easily see if the room is vacant or not, thanks to the green, amber and red light aura eliminating confusion and double bookings.

evoko panel on wall

From a glance Colour coded room status

evoko liso room booking panel

Green – The room is available for more than 10 minutes

evoko room booking panel meeting starts soon

Amber – Check-in required. A meeting starts within the next 10 minutes

evoko room booking panel in use

Red – The room is occupied

evoko room booking panel on wall

Better insights Analytical and efficient

Gain a full insight into your organisation’s meeting schedules, to really optimise resources that help with decision making. Evoko Home – the room scheduling system, also offers multi-site management options with permission control and real-time unit monitoring. Customise booking rules and restrictions. Automatic cancellation of unconfirmed bookings for better reporting and analytics on room utilisation. Reduce conflicts and double bookings to increase productivity, saving employees’ time. Improved resource allocation and cost savings for organisations. 

see what's available Overview Screen

See the full meeting room schedule at a glance with the Overview screen in Evoko Home. Choose between the entire building or just one floor. An easy-to-use interface for both administrators and users. 

It’s easy to see what rooms are available, what’s booked and what’s soon to be occupied just by the red, green & amber colour coding system. The handy arrows also make it easy to see where meeting rooms are in relation to you, so you can find something nearby.

evoko room booking overview
evoko room booking mobile app

mobile booking "Get A Room" App

Working on the go is now even easier! Book, share and invite colleagues to the meeting, with easy to use filters like time, capacity & equipment. You’ll see best matches first, as well as suggestions if you’re preference isn’t available.

ideal booking Efficient & streamlined booking process

Evoko Booking is the latest advance. It’s ideal in co-working collaborative environments where you use shared office spaces.

evoko booking software
evoko stand

clean installation Set up anywhere

Evoko Liso Freestand offers the opportunity to place your Evoko Liso anywhere. Combining a table metal structure with an adjustable mount and an integrated cable system that prevents cords from being visible. Available in two variations, so you can either bolt it to the ground or move it around to suit your needs. Or if you prefer it to be mounted onto a wall, you can book other rooms in the building from any other wall display- not just limited to that room.