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Room booking made easy

Check meeting room availability and book a meeting space within seconds. Book anytime, anywhere. Complete room booking software with optional additions like Wayfinding, Room Control, Mapping and room sensors. Easily find and book the right room with the capacity to fit all your attendees and all the equipment you need.

Supports social distancing, Track & Trace and COVID-Secure hygiene regimes.  

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Key Features...

Supports social distancing, Track & Trace and COVID-Secure hygiene regimes

Save time & effort

No more double bookings, no-shows and interruptions during meetings – making your meetings more productive and efficient.

Simple room scheduling

Book a room spontaneously or search for a room in advance with the GoBright Portal, the App or Outlook Plugin.

Various Integration

GoBright Room Booking integrates with Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Google, Active Directory and FMIS-systems.

Catering and other services

Once you have booked tour room, why not book catering and other (facility) services at the same time? If your meeting has been rescheduled, there’s no need to worry as any booked catering & services will automatically change accordingly.

Clear Analytics

Gain insights into you room occupancy with 100% reliable data analytics. Manage your rooms efficiently and enable facility managers to assess how well room assets are used.


A 30-minute cleaning windows can be built into booking time slots to ensure time for cleaning. Facility management teams can be alerted to room status through an email or the display going to purple to indicate its ready for the company COVID-Secure cleaning protocol to be carried out.

Mobile App

Instantly book a room anytime and anywhere using the mobile app, which integrates with Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Google, Active Directory and FMIS-systems.

Outlook Plugin

Easily search and book rooms, arrange catering & services and send visitor pre-registrations via the easy-to-use GoBright Outlook plugin.

gobright mobile app
gobright catering services
Catering Services

Book your meeting room, invite attendees and instantly book your Catering & other services, like an additional display, via the Outlook Plugin, the GoBright Portal or Mobile App.

Room Sensors

The room sensors feature, has many advantages and enhances the room booking software:

gobright room booking sensors
gobright analytics

With GoBright Analytics you gain great insights into the overall utilisation of your office space. The data analyses are based on room bookings, check-ins and detection with room sensors.