A professional and warm welcome for all your guests...

Whether you have a busy reception area, or an unmanned one – GoBright Visit ensures your guests are always welcomed immediately. Complete visitor registration software with outstanding features including pre-registrationscustom made design and optional badge printing.

Supports social distancing, Track & Trace and COVID-Secure hygiene regimes

Key Features...

GDPR proof

No more paper-based registration lists cluttering your reception desk. All data is securely stored in the Portal, in line with the EU GDPR legislation.

Realtime Overview

Accurate visitor overview at any time of the day.

Instant Notification

Employees receive SMS / email alerts as their guests check in, eliminating the need to search for colleagues to try and track them down, resulting in shorter waiting time for guests.

Intuitive and Plug and Play

Just a few clicks for a professional and pleasant welcome for your visitors.

Various Integrations

With Active Directory, Outlook Plugin and GoBright Room Booking.

Easy to deploy

Use one or multiple Visit screens in your reception area, depending on the number of visitors you have each day.


Invite guests via the Portal or Outlook Plugin when booking a meeting. They receive an invite with a pre-registration QR code, to check in. Your visitor will then scan the QR code upon arrival and all their details are stored in the online portal. The host of the meeting automatically receives a SMS message or email telling them that their guest has arrived. The receptionist knows upfront who to expect and can print badges in advance, when receiving large groups of people.


Visitors enter the building and register themselves on the spot, by following the steps on the screen. They will be encouraged to enter the requested information, including name and email address. Visitors would then search for the name of the employee that they are visiting and accept any safety instructions and check in. The host of the meeting automatically receives a SMS message or email to let them know that their guest has arrived.

Badge Printing

Badge printing is an optional feature that allows you to print badges with your own design, logo, colours, the name of your visitor and a QR code, so that visitors are easily identifiable.

After the meeting a simple badge scan allows visitors to check out of the building. One-time visitors return their badge at the reception desk. Returning visitors can keep their badge and use it again on their next visit – speeding up the check-in process even more.


Customise the template of the registration display and the email, to make it your own and to match your corporate branding.


The portal is your management tool for all GoBright product licenses. For GoBright Visit, the portal integrates with Active Directory, Outlook Plugin and GoBright Room Booking. Specify your personal settings in the portal, such as the different types of visitors e.g. clients, applicants and suppliers, or even select multiple locations where the configurations can be used.

All data is secured safely and GDPR proof. The facility manager determines the number of days visitor data will be stored. After that, data will be permanently deleted.

Outlook Plugin

Outlook, one of the most common email and calendar management programs in the office. GoBright has developed a Plugin that works within Outlook. Use the GoBright Plugin in the menu bar, when scheduling an appointment. Search for a meeting room based on your preferences. Reserve catering additional room services and invite & pre-register your attendees instantly, with your room booking.

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