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Take agile working to the next level with desk booking

Check the occupation status of workplaces and book your desk within seconds. Use the smart app or online portal to make a booking anytime, anywhere and even check in or out, from your desk and pre-set your personal preferences. 

Supports social distancing, Track & Trace and COVID-Secure hygiene regimes.  

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Agile Hot Desking

Connect – Create your own personal space 

Glow – Hot Desking for every office

NFC Sticker – Simple check in/out

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Desk Sensors

Using desk sensors has many advantages and enhances the desk booking software:

Key Features...

Supports social distancing, Track & Trace and COVID-Secure hygiene regimes. Find modern ways of working with the GoBright desk booking software facilitates.

Online Desk Selection

Book a desk online or via app, to secure yourself a suitable place to work – eliminating the endless search for a desk.

Visual Occupation

Check the status of a desk as you enter the office using Mapping, Connect and Glow.

Hot desking

Introduce advanced desk management, enabling several colleagues to book the same desk, at different times, in one day.

Clear Analytics

Efficiently manage your office space and encourage facility managers to analyse the use of assets.

Customer specific solution

Scalable and customised for every company. Require every feature or just a few? Together we find the right answers.

Hygienic Desk

Ensure a clean workspace. GoBright’s newly added Purple light, indicates that a desk needs to be cleaned, before another person uses it.


Access GoBright Mapping via a touch screen at the office floor and the GoBright Portal. Mapping provides a visual display of the desk and meeting room availability on each floor. It’s an interactive map that provides up-to-date information, based on desk/room bookings, check-ins and desk/room detection. You can even add points of interest to the Map, such as toilets, lifts, emergency escapes etc.

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Portal and App

The cloud-based Portal and App are included with the Desk Booking Software license. The portal is your management tool for all Meet, Work and Visit licenses. All settings and configurations are managed and stored here. For GoBright Work, the portal integrates with Active Directory and GoBright Room Booking.


With GoBright Analytics you get great insights into the overall utilisation of your office space. The data is based on desk bookings, check-ins via Connect/NFC sticker and detection with desk sensors.

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