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Neat Bar Pro is the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology, elegantly packed into a slim and modern device. Designed to enhance your collaboration and communication, this remarkable system drives three large screens, allowing you to effortlessly visualise both people and content with absolute clarity. Prepare to be immersed in an unparalleled meeting experience, where uncompromising audio and video quality take center stage.

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16x microphone array Full range speakers

When it comes to audio power, Neat Bar Pro truly shines. Equipped with a subwoofer featuring two opposing drivers for vibration cancellation and three full-range speakers, it delivers a captivating stereo sound that resonates throughout any room. The result? Crystal-clear audio that envelops you, ensuring every word is heard with pristine clarity, no matter where you are seated.

Say goodbye to garbled conversations and annoying background noise. Neat Bar Pro boasts an advanced pyramid-shaped 16x microphone array, intelligently designed to capture voices with utmost precision. With Neat Audio Processing technology, you can bid farewell to ‘double talk’ issues, guaranteeing that every word spoken is heard loud and clear. No distractions, just seamless communication.

neat bar pro in large meeting room

16x zoom capability Lightning-fast Image Processing

For larger meeting spaces, Neat Bar Pro is the ultimate solution. Its camera configuration features a telephoto and wide-angle lens, combined with an image depth sensor, offering an impressive 16x zoom capability. With lightning-fast image processing, Neat Bar Pro detects, enlarges, and flawlessly follows all in-room participants in full close-up. Regardless of where you’re positioned, every facial expression and gesture will be captured, creating a truly lifelike and engaging experience.

Neat Bar Pro is designed to revolutionise the way you connect and collaborate. Its modern aesthetics, combined with its powerful audio and video capabilities, make it the perfect choice for any modern workspace. Elevate your meetings, presentations, and conferences with Neat Bar Pro and discover a new standard of communication excellence.