Increase collaboration and foster student engagement...

Powered by a revolutionary, upgradeable Android-based Mini PC, the Promethean ActivPanel’s enables schools to upgrade the device’s capabilities over time to keep pace with computing technology.

Increase collaboration and foster student engagement with Promethean’s interactive flat-panel displays.

The all-new intelligent Promethean ActivPanel is powered by ActivConnect, a revolutionary, upgradeable Android-based Mini PC.

Powerful and feature rich Key Features

Available in :  70″ HD  | 75″ HD  | 75″ 4K  |  86″ 4K


Multi-User Display

Features InGlass Technology with up to 20 simultaneous touch points*


Stunning HD and 4K displays

Crisp detail and bright colours. The built-in light adjuster provides the best possible lighting when interacting and viewing.


Distinctive Design

Accessible ports for HDMI® and USB connectivity. New, accessible tray with differentiated pen



Built-In Sound- dual, front-facing stereo speakers. Includes built-in educational apps with app store access to download.


Mirror and share work

With controlled, multi device mirroring, the ActivPanel supports a range of teaching approaches. The ActivPanel supports the connection of Bluetooth devices including musical keyboards and robots.

Smooth, Responsive Touch

With crystal-clear visibility, exceptionally smooth, responsive touch interactivity and a durable design, ActivPanel Touch interactive touch panels will be at the centre of simple, natural, engaging learning experiences for years to come. Teachers can wirelessly share their lessons, easily access content, and download and use their favourite apps.

Next generation interactive software

ClassFlow – the free, next generation interactive Lesson software allows users to create, open, and present interactive lessons as well as allowing users to write and draw using the instant whiteboard, annotate over content, and save and share work. Send quizzes, polls, activities, and screenshots to student devices

Education’s most elegant writing experience

With Innovative InGlass™ Touch and Writing Technology, the ActivPanel creates an elegant writing experience. Using the touch differentiated, battery free pen, teachers and students can seamlessly and precisely collaborate at the ActivPanel. It offers a naturally smooth writing experience with no script-lag or response delays Features a digital whiteboard for free-form writing with save and send capability Converts handwriting and equations to text and enables intuitive palm erase.

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