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Roomz: The Environmentally Friendly Room Booking System

A complete solution to efficiently manage your meeting room bookings. ROOMZ is the answer to all your questions around the efficiency when managing meeting and conference rooms. The ROOMZ booking system provides cable-free meeting room booking displays and room occupancy sensors, that eliminate booking frustrations for better workplace experiences.

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ROOMZ Display Meeting Room Booking Screen

The innovative and wireless meeting room management solution by ROOMZ, puts an end to guesswork and provides clear information, right when you need it. By automating the booking process and eliminating the need for manual coordination, organisations can potentially save time and reduce administrative overhead.

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roomz room booking panel installation

Easy to deploy Installation without the cabling

ROOMZ room booking system is installed within minutes and connects using your existing Wi-Fi network. A slick and elegant design with a high-quality glass cover and a brushed aluminum frame. Installation is simple with minimal disturbance- the panels connect to Wi-Fi and can be mounted on glass or solid surfaces. Whether it is on glass, wood or stone, ROOMZ fits perfectly and easily.

Easy to deploy Clear and precise information

Easily check the reservation state of a room, the name of the organizer, the title and the duration of the upcoming meetings with our meeting room digital signage. Real-time availability – The software can show users which rooms or resources are available in real time, reducing the likelihood of double bookings or scheduling conflicts.

The main functions allow you to interact with ROOMZ. To book a room spontaneously, simply press ‘Book’ and then select the duration. To release a room press ‘Release’ and the ‘confirm’.

roomz room booking panel outside a meeting
roomz booking panel on wall

Occupancy Sensors Instant Book

Use the free capacity for ad-hoc meetings and let employees book an available room right there and then. Streamlined booking process: Users can quickly and easily book meeting rooms or other resources through the software, without needing to coordinate with a separate team or individual.

Rooms can often be booked but not actually used, creating wasted costs and frustration. Eliminate ghost-meetings by installing ROOMZ smart sensors that automatically release a room for a meeting where participants don’t show up.

Optimise your workplaces Data-driven insights

With ROOMZ analytics, you will get the real insights on the usage of your workplaces to help optimise your offices. Use the ROOMZ occupancy sensor to enhance your analysis by adding real-time occupancy data. Analytics software allows for in depth usage data to be collected – e.g which rooms are busiest, fostering improvement of rooms which may be being neglected. Roomz software can generate reports or analytics that provide insights into how meeting rooms or resources are being used, which can inform strategic decision-making around office space or resource allocation.

roomz analytics on laptop
roomz software on a laptop

Optimise your workplaces Remote or On-Premises management

ROOMZ can be managed via the Cloud or contained within an existing IT infrastructure. Integration with other systems: Roomz software may be able to integrate with other workplace systems (like calendaring software, facility management tools, or visitor management systems), creating a more seamless experience for users. 

Key Features ROOMZ

Real-time availability

The software can show users which rooms or resources are available in real time, reducing the likelihood of double bookings or scheduling conflicts.


Secure solution with encryption- no data is stored on the hardware.

Low Power

Roomz is a booking system which uses very low power consumption, energy efficient ePaper wall panel/desk booking displays. Run for up to 2 years on a single battery or can be solar powered for extended use.

Resource Tracking

The software can help organisations keep track of which rooms or resources are being used most frequently, which teams or departments are booking them, and other metrics that can inform decision-making.

Customisable booking rules

Administrators can set specific rules or requirements for bookings (e.g. maximum duration, minimum number of attendees), ensuring that all reservations align with company policies or procedures.


Can be integrated with Outlook/O365 for ease of use.