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SMART Learning Suite

Our SMART Learning Suite is the tool for today’s changing teaching environments. Featuring intuitive online and desktop software that integrates with a range of educational technologies, built for elevating teaching and learning through developmental assessments, game-based learning activities and student collaboration, both in and out of the classroom.

Subscription for SMART Learning Suite include: 


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SMART Notebook PLus

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SMART Learning Suite Online allows teachers to add game-based and collaborative activities to SMART Notebook, PDF and PowerPoint® files and send lessons to student devices so they can complete individual projects or create work with classmates.


Available for Windows or Mac, SMART Notebook® comes with lesson creation tools, subject-specific features and endless ways to impress students. Easily customise templates for all grades and subjects to save time.

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The digital learning tool for transforming lessons into collaborative learning experiences that engage students on their own personal devices.

Deliver engaging lessons

Empower students to take ownership of their learning individually or as a team as they easily transition between classroom and distance learning. Maintain attention and keep student attendance and motivation levels high, by enabling them to actively learn via interactive content on their own devices.

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Easy to use

Import existing lessons and materials that you are familiar with and combine them with customisable components such as games, collaborative workspaces and more. Deliver your lessons all from a browser, Google Drive™ or Microsoft Teams®. Make learning noticeable to you and your students with a dashboard view of every student’s work. Guide each learner individually in real time as they progress. Customise activities and games to provide automatic feedback to keep learning on the right track.

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SMART Notebook Plus

Equipping teachers with powerful desktop lesson creation tools and delivery features including game-based activities, formative assessments, connecting students, devices and more.

Game-based Activities

Use game-based activity templates to create interactive lessons. Choose from matching, fill-in-the-blanks, label reveal, sorting and more. All designed to help students memorise concepts and facts, identify objects, learn vocabulary and more. Use the assessment wizard to create question sets. Focusing on formative assessments, this feature allows teachers to effectively assess students, to better guide them in their learning. Students can complete assessments using their own devices.

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Customise your screen view

Full Screen view, which expands the page area to fill the interactive screen by hiding the title bar, toolbar, taskbar and sidebar. Transparent Background view, which allows you to see the desktop and windows behind the SMART Notebook window and continue to interact with the open, transparent page. Dual Page view displays two pages side-by-side.