SMART kapp iQ™ Powered by SMART Learning Suite

SMART kapp iQ consists of an interactive display, whiteboard and a suite of education software all run from an embedded computer. Designed specifically to complement individual, small group and whole-class instruction, the display fully integrates with student devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops and Chromebooks. It's your all-in-one classroom solution.

These Ultra HD interactive displays are available in 55", 65" and 75" sizes.

Designed for any teacher to use

No matter your comfort level with technology or the tools you use in the classroom, SMART kapp iQ promises a quick and easy way to enrich any learning experience. Plus, there's no need for an external computer.

You have one-touch access to a range of applications, tools and features, including:
  • A digital whiteboard (with panoramic functionality)

  • A built in web-browser

  • Access to SMART amp™, SMART lab™* and SMART Notebook®* files

  • Wireless screen sharing*

  • Guest computer access

* Some features will only be fully functional with automatic software updates in November 2016.

An all-in-one classroom experience

Interactive Display
Open SMART Notebook lessons you've created and run them from the display without connecting your laptop. Plus, you have access to SMART lab and SMART amp both part of SMART Learning Suite) and a built-in web browser.

The display is Ultra HD and comes in 55", 65" and 75" models.

Connect to the whiteboard with the SMART kapp app (free), and save any notes on the screen for later. Share the screen with students from the app, so they can follow along in real-time on their devices, as well as contribute to the whiteboard from them. Saved snapshots can be uploaded back to the display at any time.

Education Software
SMART Learning Suite is included. It's made up of four applications – SMART Notebook to enable lesson delivery, SMART response® 2 for formative assessment, SMART amp for student collaboration and SMART lab for game-based learning.

Available Models

KAPP-iQ-55 55” Digital Capture Board
KAPP-iQ-65 65” Digital Capture Board
KAPP-iQ-75 75” Digital Capture Board
Download SMART KappiQ Education Brochure

Interactive Panels - Education Comparison Chart

Rapid have been providing leading edge interactive touch screen solutions to education for almost 20 years, but what is the best product for your school or college? Here is a handy comparison chart of our products, for more information click on the product most suitable to your organisation and contact us for special offer pricing on supply and installation.
Brand Range Sizes Resolution Touch Pen Audio Appliance Software Warranty SRP Prices

View Product
65,70,75 & 84" HD 8 Point all bar 84 10 point 2 yes SMART Learning Suite 5 Years On-Site from

View Product
65 & 75" 4K 4 Point 2 yes SMART Learning Suite 5 Years On-Site from

Kapp iQ Education
View Product
65 & 75" 4K 4 Point 2 yes Kapp iQ AM30-EDU SMART Learning Suite 5 Years On-Site from

Plus Series
View Product
55,65,70 & 75" HD with options for 4K 10 Point 1 yes Android Snowflake CleverLynx CleverMaths Displaynote 5 Years On-Site
Call for Prices

V Series
View Product
55,65 & 70" HD 10 Point 1 yes Android Snowflake CleverLynx CleverMaths DisplayNote 5 Years On-Site
Call for Prices

View Product
65 & 84" All HD - 84 System 4K 10 Point 1 yes Avocor Eclipse 5 Years On-Site from

F Series
View Product
65,75 & 84" 4K * 10 Point 1 yes Windows 10 Avocor Eclipse
Office 365
5 Years On-Site - Eclipse Software Included from

View Product
55,65,70 & 84" All HD - 84 System 4K 10 Point 2 yes Android ActivInspire Professional 5 Year Return for Repair Warranty - Eclipse Software Included from

IL & RP Range
View Product
42,55,65,70,79 & 84" All HD - 79 & 84 Systems 4K All 10 Point bar 42" 6 Point 2 yes Android DisplayNote All 5 Years Re/De Install Warranty bar 42" 3 Year De/Re-Install Warranty" from
All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT and are subject to Rapid Technologies Terms & Conditions E&OE.

Why Buy This Product Our team look to exceed your expectations and deliver the very best customer experience.

Star Features

SMART Kapp IQ with built in SMART Learning Suite featuring Notebook, Amp and Leason Activity Builder, Includes built in browser and wireless sharing. Ready to use out of the box and available in 55,65 and 75"sizes.

Who is it for ?

Teachers, Tutors and Students in Primary and Secondary Schools, Academys, Colleges and Universities.


12 months on site warranty with option to upgrade to 3 or 5 years.

Buy from

Available on Education Approved Operating Leases for £ 84.72 per month.

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