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SMART Board MX - The key to collaborative learning

Teachers want simplicity and the SMART Board MX delivers just that. Easily connect devices, content and learning both in and out of the classroom, with a low total cost of ownership and proven return on your technology investment.

Available in : 55″  |  65″  |  75″  |  86″ 

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Key Features

4K Ultra HD, LED 50,000 hrs, zero bonded glass

embedded android icon

iQ embedded computing on Android 11

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Integrated microphone array

speaker icon

2 x 20W speakers

NFC reader

65 W USB-C

Wi-Fi 6 icon

Wi-Fi 6

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Free software included

More Features

Interactivity made easy

With industry-leading touch, digital ink and personalization features, the SMART Board MX is an investment in seamless interactivity that you can count on for years to come. And an incredibly easy user interface means minimal training time and tech support.

Built-in Android™ - redesigned for the K-12 classroom

No additional computer required. iQ, powered by Android, groups each teachers' personalised tools, content, OneDrive™ and Google Drive™ files in one location for ease of use. Whether using the whiteboard’s education tools, templates and activities, interacting with student devices, accessing the internet or bringing in content, iQ equips teachers with the tools they need to create and deliver interactive lessons, quickly, easily and effectively.

Superior interaction with Chrome OS

When connected to a Chrome OS device, teachers can access the Google Play Store and their apps from their display. Interact intuitively, using gestures, ink, pen recognition, pen & eraser differentiation, in supported Chrome OS applications.

Supports Windows® and Mac®

20 points of touch and digital ink with any connected Windows or Mac computer across web browsers, files and applications.

smart gx ink

Connect any learning environment

SMART Board MX series interactive displays provide one streamlined, continuous platform for lesson delivery, interactivity and engagement, empowering teachers with a far reach and meaningful methods for blended and remote learning for students.

Ink anywhere, on any file type

SMART Ink® desktop software puts annotations where you want them. Easily write over web browsers, applications and files and the ink stays even when teachers navigate away.

Annotate and mark up familiar file types

Write over PDFs and Microsoft Office® files, then save your notes in almost any file type. Move, copy/paste and erase notes or even convert them to text, without the need to change pens or turn on new tool settings. All without an overlay or special ink mode.

Better touch, more collaboration

No more tool selection or mode switching – HyPr Touch with Advance IR technology keeps track of 20 interactions simultaneously. That means multiple students can write, move, gesture and erase all at once, without tool selection or mode switching.

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smart mx display

Simpler management and interaction with connected devices

Plug in multiple computers and video inputs to your SMART Board MX. A live input preview allows for easy, intelligent switching between inputs and a convenience panel makes it easy to connect devices – eliminating the search for portals, cables, plugs.

All your apps and access to cloud storage

Open documents from OneDrive™ and Google Drive™ right on your SMART Board. Teachers can easily search for and download their favourite apps from the app store, including popular apps like WPS Office and Zoom, with less work for administrators. Administrators can also easily push out any app to all displays via SMART Remote Management or MDM software.

smart apps
smart video conferencing

Bigger, better video conferencing

Keep remote learners connected with screen sharing, inking, whiteboards and lesson delivery tools. SMART displays support UVC webcams, Zoom, Google Meet™, Microsoft Teams™ and more. Deliver lessons and share screens in these applications and even develop them further with digital ink and tools like spotlights to maintain students' attention.

Free content library for teachers

Access thousands of games, activities and lesson plans, created by other teachers, through SMART Exchange®. Search by subject, grade and education standards and it even comes as standard with every SMART Board.

Powerful teaching tools and content included

Get instant access to award-winning software and content with your SMART Board MX, including interactive teaching tools and built-in iQ Android computing, without any subscriptions needed.

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smart shout it out

Connect student devices for endless learning potential

Create and deliver rich, interactive lessons

Enhance lessons whenever you need to, with the use of ready-made whiteboard templates, graphic organisers, manipulatives, widgets and interactive activities. Keep learning fun with features such as cloning, text editing and 3D objects and even subject-specific tools like creative pens, equation editor, math tools, spotlight and magic pen.

Personalised Technology

Your SMART Board MX is ready to use whenever you are – just pick up a pen and start teaching. Sign in and access your cloud storage, apps, lessons, favourites and custom widgets, all found in a convenient panel.

Peace of mind with SMART’s Assure warranty

SMART’s full-coverage warranty* includes advanced hardware replacement with 2-way shipping, coordination and onsite replacement support plus remote product support. SMART Remote Management lets you push updates, run diagnostics, maintain, control and secure devices, including SMART Board interactive displays, from any web browser.

Quality that makes the grade

SMART Boards meet world-leading standards for product safety, warranty coverage, environmental compliance, regulatory and interoperability standards, using third-party testing, verification and certificates.


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