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Connect up to 50 devices and share images, video, and audio directly to your Clevertouch display. With touch-back technology, the presenter has full control over what is shared and can show 6 screens simultaneously, improving collaboration and participation levels within every session.

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Ultimate Flexibility to share content with any device

Up to 50 devices can connect with the Clevertouch screen and share content – images, video, and audio. Now with touch-back for two-way control. The presenter has full control over what is shared and can show up to 6 device screens simultaneously, increasing collaboration and participation within every session.

Control wherever you are with the Clevershare App

Download the Clevershare app on any device and connect instantly by typing in the code on the Clevertouch display. The Clevershare App is free to download and compatible with Android, Windows, iOS and Chrome devices.

Sharing made simple with the Clevershare Dongle

Use the USB-C Clevershare dongle to share content. Eliminate the need to download any additional apps or drivers, making it ideal for companies that do not allow downloads to devices.

Safe, Secure, simple - How to connect

You can connect via the Clevershare App if your device is using the same Network as the Clevertouch display. Use Advanced Mode for additional encryption and dual sub-networks. There is also a Hotspot option if you can’t use the network.

Connect without compromise - Chromecast and Airplay

There is an optional button you can swipe in the settings that will enable you to natively connect your device this way.

Stay in control when you need it

This optional mode will enable you to manually accept or reject access from the Clevertouch display, when someone attempts to connect via Clevershare.