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The revolutionary hardware device for room and desk booking

GoBright Interact is a versatile hardware device developed by GoBright that can be used for Room Booking and Desk Booking. Interact allows the user to create detailed bookings and view existing bookings.

GoBright Interact has a memory function, enabling it to adjust the height of a desk to pre-set user information. After the employee completes a one-time setup, all of their workstation preferences are stored in the GoBright Portal, keeping daily user routines to a minimum, helping staff to focus and improve productivity.

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Key Features...

Thanks to its compact and stylish design, the GoBright Interact can be mounted in a variety of positions. Users can adapt the Interact to suit different types of meeting rooms, making it the ideal device.

Check in/out

Simply scan the Interact with your NFC card, tag or GoBright App, or by scanning the Interact's QR-code

Interactive display

Make specific timeslot bookings, modifying existing bookings and viewing important information

LED ring

Shows the status of a desk (available, occupied, do not disturb and needs cleaning)

Wi-Fi Connection

The Interact does not need a gateway

Occupancy data

is collected and can be used to set up the office in the most efficient way

Versatile device

The Interact is ideal for Room Booking and Desk Booking and can be attached to desks, partition walls, meeting room walls and focus rooms

Flexible mounting options

The Interact can be mounted in various positions: on and below desks, and both horizontally and vertically on any surface

Various integrations

The GoBright Interact connects with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 including Teams and Google Workspace