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Logitech X Google Meet: The new way to collaborate in your workspace

Logitech Google Meet setup

In a time when many offices are choosing to adopt a more hybrid approach, it is important to keep up to date with the latest technologies that enhance communication and collaboration. This is especially important to those who work remotely, as they are given the flexibility to work together both online and in-person without any barriers.

Google Meet is an Android video conferencing platform that is simple to use, offers a wide range of features and can be adapted to suit many users’ needs. The platform supports video, audio & screen-sharing and can also be used in a number of different environments such as conference rooms, flex spaces, home offices and many more.

By combining Google Meet and Logitech hardware, you get a simple and efficient way to communicate with anyone. Logitech enables Google Meet to be used through an appliance-based device, which can support the capabilities needed to run video call platforms smoothly.


Combining Google Meet with a Logitech system, offers many benefits to its users. Google Meet can be set up on an appliance-based device such as a Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini, which means that the computing capability is built into the camera, as opposed to a room solution where the device is separate to the camera. A Rally Bar is designed to support the necessary requirements of Google Meet whilst eliminating the need for an additional device, as they are made with video conferencing in mind. In addition to this, using a singular device allows for simplified maintenance, as well as a more efficient setup and regular firmware updates.

The Logitech Rally Bar comes in a variety of sizes and specifications, allowing for Google Meet to be easily integrated into your workspace with a streamlined all-in-one solution. The Rally Bar offers a flexible way to accommodate up to 20 participants, perfect for larger corporations or for those requiring a large video conference. For smaller setups, a Rally Bar Mini is ideal for businesses looking for a device to suit a room for up to 12 participants, such as in a huddle space or a flex space.


In a standard Logitech room, Google Meet only requires a Rally Bar and a Tap, reducing the need for additional clutter in your workspace. A Tap meeting controller is crucial for your setup, as it provides a way to control and configure necessary settings. With Tap IP, you can easily start and stop your meetings with a single touch and adjust display settings, camera and audio thanks to its touch screen interface.

Once your device is set up and ready to go, less devices and wires means that monitoring, troubleshooting and updating is simple and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on your video calls.


Logitech’s Operating System CollabOS offers customisable settings to enhance device performance, allowing for your video collaboration device to be configured perfectly. CollabOS also runs Android 10, allowing for enhanced security, privacy and performance for your video meetings.

Sync is Logitech’s remote management system, which gives IT teams control. Easily monitor devices and carry out updates remotely and gain access to insights into the device and room usage, which in turn allows for more effective decision-making and a way to see if the setup is being used to the best of its ability.

Another benefit of the Logitech x Google Meet setup, is that your devices can continually update, with CollabOS ensuring that partner features are integrated easily. This allows for participants to utilise these new functionalities and make sure that your device is always up to date with the latest security protection features, so it’s always efficient and secure.  

If you are interested in integrating Logitech into your workspace, then please get in touch!

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