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The ultimate collaboration platform for meeting and learning spaces

Simple wireless content sharing and streaming – Solstice makes it easy for local and remote participants to wirelessly share and collaborate around content for more efficient and productive meetings.

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How it works...

Set up your room

Attach your Solstice Pod to your local WiFi/network, your room display and your audio/video


Users can join either from within the room or remotely using their own devices

Touchless start up

Enter the 4-digit PIN which is displayed by your Solstice Pod to start your meeting

Better Collaboration

Easily share, arrange and edit over content for more productive meetings

Solstice 5.2 features...

More than just a wireless presentation system – Solstice software delivers unrivalled features and integrations to drive meeting productivity and ROI, including: 

Mersive Kepler

Monitor usage analytics to improve large scale deployments

Calendar Integration

Sync your meeting room displays to your calendar data to show meeting space schedules

iOS YouTube App Streaming

Directly stream from the YouTube app onto your display

Solstice Ink

Wirelessly mark-up displayed content using your smartphone

Digital Signage

Play HTML-based signage on displays that are Solstice compatible

iOS Mirroring and Miracast

Wirelessly connect and screen share from almost any device (no app required)


Easily share content between networked rooms

Solstice Dashboard

Configure, monitor, manage and control all Solstice devices from a central location

Plug-and-play Powerful Collaboration

Available as licensed software or as a turnkey appliance for any meeting space with a display. Multiple users can instantly connect, share and control the display, improving participant collaboration and decision-making. By adding to plug-and-play support a range of meeting room equipment and standards, Solstice enhances your current technology infrastructure. 

Easy to use Touchless Meetings

Providing robust management features and network deployment options, transforming ordinary displays into collaborative, dynamic work surfaces, that are accessible as a shared resource, to improve productivity and workplace ROI. Introduce touchless meetings by eliminating high-contact touch points such as room consoles.

Versatile usage Ideal for small spaces

Make use of the simultaneous wireless and wired content sharing capabilities, to add value to every meeting. Display room calendars and HTML/digital signage URL’s when not in use. Solstice 5.2 delivers the collaborative capabilities to maximise meeting collaboration and the analytics and insights needed to understand meeting room utilisation.

Gen3 Features: