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Microsoft Surface Hub 3

Empower teamwork anywhere with the Microsoft Surface Hub 3 for business

Bring teams together with a more inclusive way to meet and collaborate. This Microsoft Teams certified display, offers flexibility that enables you to adapt the display, to fit your space and technology requirements. With smart rotation, easily adjust the device to the orientation that’s ideal for your meeting or collaboration needs, whether that be landscape or portrait.

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85" display

50" display

Key Features...

Work in the same place, from anywhere

Join a Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex meeting with one touch for a familiar experience that’s tailored for the Surface Hub 3. Make use of the Portrait mode on the 50” display for a more unique collaboration experience.

Premium meeting experience

Whether working remotely or in the same place as your colleagues, teams are able to collectively collaborate on whiteboarding sessions, contribute to projects and easily connect via video conferencing to engage with colleagues, no matter where they’re working.

Seamlessly share and create together

Include everyone in collaborative sessions thanks to the Microsoft Whiteboarding feature. Seamlessly share and create documents together and enhance your meeting experience by enabling the Teams Front Row mode when on a Teams call.

Manage remotely and stay secure

Manage your settings and policies remotely in Microsoft Endpoint Manager and monitor the health and status of your Surface Hub 3 devices via the Microsoft Teams Admin Centre. Windows keeps operations safe and secured.

Surface Hub Pen

Thanks to the precision and capability of the Surface Hub’s dual-pen, teams can brainstorm simultaneously on the same screen. The virtual ink responds almost instantly when the pen touches the screen for a true writing experience.

Surface Hub Smart Camera

Featuring an ultra-wide, 136-degree field of view, automatic framing and more – the AI-powered camera dynamically adjusts the video feed whenever a team member leaves, joins or interacts with content on the display.