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Neat Board 50: More Freedom - More Choice...

The Neat Board 50 features a 4k 50″ multi-touch LCD screen, brining your work to life by accurately directing light and colour. Built with anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coatings to ensure brilliant readability and a natural touch-screen experience.

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Set up your Neat Board to run Zoom Rooms or Microsoft Teams, or use your preferred business and entertainment apps that you are familiar with, taking your teamwork to the next level. Neat Board 50 comes with Neat Active Marker enabling you to write naturally.

Never miss a thing...

The custom-built, 50-megapixel camera with 113° horizontal field of view and super-speed image processing can capture an entire room, detecting, enlarging and following each meeting participant, no matter if they sat, stood or moving around.

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Intelligent Sound & Audio

Neat Board 50 comes equipped with a 5-microphone array, five additional sensor microphones and advanced algorithms for voice enhancement and deep noise control. The Neat Board 50 filters out any distracted sounds, so it can deliver clear and intelligible audio, even in the most acoustically challenging spaces.

The dual speakers have opposing drivers which cancel out vibrations to deliver minimal distortion, so that you hear people’s voices as naturally as possible, for a rewarding listening experience.