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Neat Board is revolutionising the way we collaborate in meeting rooms thanks to its innovative features and modern design. This simple and elegant all-in-one device takes your collaboration experience to the next level. Featuring a 65-inch multi-touch screen, powerful audio system and a versatile wide-angle camera, the Neat Board goes beyond video meetings and wireless content sharing by enabling real-time annotations and whiteboarding. Neat Board is compatible with Microsoft Teams and ZOOM!

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Responds to your presence Freedom & Flexibility

Neat Board offers the freedom and flexibility to collaborate seamlessly now and in the future. Requiring just one cable and offering the choice of a floor stand with optional wheels, a wall mount, or a table stand to suit your specific requirements, the Neat Board really is a flexible solution. 

Neat Board responds to your presence and automatically wakes up the moment you walk into the room. With just one tap, you can wirelessly share your screen, initiate a meeting, or annotate important points. The large multi-touch screen is perfect for taking notes, organising thoughts and providing quick visual feedback, whether your team members are physically present or joining remotely.

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Simple yet powerful tools Enhance your collaboration experience

To further enhance your collaboration experience, Neat Board comes with a pair of Neat Markers that attach magnetically to the Neat Marker holder, which also doubles as cable management. The Neat Marker offers just the right amount of friction for whiteboarding and markup, and it’s completely passive, eliminating the need for setup or charging.

Partnering with Zoom, Neat have incorporated simple yet powerful tools that align perfectly with your work style. The infinite canvas feature provides your team with ample space to brainstorm, organise ideas, and restructure concepts, even when physically apart. Share your output effortlessly and seamlessly continue where you left off in the next meeting, ensuring a seamless workflow.