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Advanced Digital Signage

NowSignage is a multi-screen CMS that enables users to upload, schedule and manage content across their screens at the click of a button. The platform allows the seamless playing of static ads, videos, live YouTube, TV channel streaming, RSS news feeds, dashboards, web views, as well as moderated social media posts and approved apps such as Microsoft PowerBI.

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Multi-screen content scheduling

Use the intuitive NowSignage platform to schedule content to appear on targeted screens at a specific time or day of the week. This allows users to automate the process of updating screen content to operate at maximum efficiency.

The NowSignage scheduling tool enables users to fully automate which content is displayed, on what screens and to which demographic. You can create seasonal campaigns or plan content to be displayed all the way down to precise hours and minutes to suit the needs of your business.

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Advanced content types

Upload video and image files to your asset library. The NowSignage technology then optimises your content automatically and plays in offline mode in order to maximise performance and reliance on a stable internet connection.

Live Announcements

NowSignage have built in the most advanced social media search facility on the market. Integrating moderated social media content and RSS feeds into your digital signage displays hugely influences buying decisions.

The Live Announcement feature and easy-to-use RSS feeds are used to inform people in the building of critical information or relevant news in real-time. Easily broadcast messages including fire alarms and health & safety notices.

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nowsignage integration
In-platform App Store & Widgets

Advance your capabilities by activating approved and fully integrated applications, such as Microsoft PowerBI, Google Traffic, Instant screen messaging and more. Demonstrate ROI by presenting business critical information to your audience.

Key Features...


All users are granted access to the same features and functionality, at no additional cost

Secure & Reliable

The latest processes are maintained across all aspects of the platform, ensuring security and compliance is in the highest regard.

Easy to use

Featuring an easy to use CMS, allowing any end-user to be fully trained and competent on NowSignage in no time!

Hardware Agnostic

Hardware-agnostic via a single codebase, giving you peace of mind knowing that NowSignage will work with any hardware, media player or SoC.

Custom Integrations

Industry leaders in achieving award-winning direct integrations with 3rd party software.

Out-of-the-box Features

Take control of your screens at any time by logging in to your online NowSignage account. A wide range of out-of-the-box features and paid apps via the in-platform App Store.

Enterprise level user controls

All data sent to the screens is encrypted and fingerprinted against known assets. Advance permissions can be utilised to assign roles and tags that grant users with the required level of control. 

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nowsignage people counting
Capacity Management

An award-winning integration with a people counting sensor that enables customers to display dashboards alongside other content. Ideal for single or multi entrances, people counting technology can be used to monitor and maintain social distancing, to ensure that you, as a business are, adhering to laws and regulations. This data can also be used to provide data-driven insight and monitor trends.

Wayfinding & Signage

NowSignage can be used to help students and visitors navigate your premises more effectively. Ideal during events such as open days, where you can repurpose screens to become navigation tools, to help steer visitors to the right places. 

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