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Dual HDL300

nureva dual hdl300 conferencing bar
Ideal for large spaces

The Dual HDL300 system delivers the best in audio performance for your large spaces. Whether your sat, stood or walking around – there are no restrictions, allowing you and your teams to work the way that best suits them and their tasks. It installs onto the wall in minutes for a clean and modern aesthetic. Its plug-and-play connectivity and auto calibration means that setup is simple.  

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Key features

Advanced system processing

Running at 25,000+ MIPS, the system simultaneously processes all 16,384 microphones

Advanced16,384 Virtual Microphones

Filling the room, so there's always a virtual microphone close by

Advanced audio

Advanced audio Full duplex, acoustic echo cancellation, automatic gain control

Budget friendly

The Dual HDL300 costs far less than installed, multi component systems for large rooms

Auto Calibration

Continuously adapts to new room configuration and dynamics

Automatic Upgrades

Nureva Room Manager provides automatic updates and lets you customise your settings

Designed for large spaces

Up to 30' by 50' (9.1 x 15.2m)

Plug and Play

Recognised as a standard USB device. Wall-mount installation - A simple install. No tabletop clutter or noise.

Active Zone Control

Active Zone Control allows you to easily adjust the pickup zone in a room to give preference to the voice of a presenter or lecturer while reducing pickup of the sounds from the rest of the room, eliminating the need for headsets and fixed and lapel microphones, making it ideal for lesson capture and meetings in open-space offices.

nureva dual hdl300 intelligent sound

Intelligent sound targeting

Heating, ventilation & air conditioning and other distracting sounds are eliminated thanks to the Dual HDL300’s adaptive learning algorithms and intelligent sound targeting, which identifies unwanted sounds and simply stops picking them up.

Microphone Mist™ technology Thousands of virtual microphones

At the forefront of the Dual HDL300 audio conferencing system, is Nureva’s revolutionary Microphone Mist™ technology, which fills your space with thousands of virtual microphones via the system’s two microphone and speaker bars, to provide true full-room pickup. For the first time, meeting participants in large rooms can be heard no matter where they move in the room or which direction they face.

Other systems Microphone Mist technology

Room solutions

Ideal for any space

The Dual HDL300 may be the simplest audio-conferencing system ever for large rooms. The Dual HDL300 system also auto calibrates and has plug-and-play connectivity to all UC&C platforms. The Dual HDL300 units hang on the wall, leaving your desks free of clutter for a more inviting and productive meeting space.