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Poly G40-T

poly g40 system
Powerful performance for better meetings

Poly G40-T room solution for Microsoft Teams delivers a clutter-free Microsoft Teams Rooms experience combined with powerful Poly audio and video for any size room. No more cable mess on the conference table. Just one single cable on the touch controller that connects to the compute appliance in the cabinet or behind the monitor.

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What's included

Plug in your PC to the touch controller to share your screen and even connect a USB speakerphone, for meetings that are simple, predictable and consistent. You get dedicated Microsoft Teams Rooms with no-fuss installation.

Best-in-class audio

Delivering the best audio quality - Poly G40-T Studio enables teams on both ends of the call to hear every word.

Automatic Framing

With group framing and automatic speaker tracking, the connection feels personal. Equipped with a smart panning feature and a unique split-screen conversation mode, this is the ideal solution that follows every conversation.

Noisebock AI and Acoustic Fence

NoiseBlockAI technology intelligently tunes out distracting sounds, while the Acoustic Fence captures any voices within a defined space, to eliminates any outside conversations.

Ideal touch console

An 8-inch touch console that is ideal size for any room size. With integrated HDMI and USB ports to enable your speakerphone and PC to connect and content share to the touch console.

Powerful computer with clean cable management

The Lenovo powered computer appliance can be tucked away in the cabinet or on the wall with the wall mount kit with clean cable management.

Eliminate cable clutter

Poly G40-T solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms is designed to keep the clutter out by separating out the PC into a cabinet or behind the display and a touch control on the conference table with a single, long USB cable.

poly g40 device

Transform everyday meetings

Add Poly G40-T Studio video bar for automatic group framing and speaker tracking in small meeting rooms, or EagleEye Director II video conferencing camera with intelligent people tracking even in large conference rooms, that transform everyday meetings into powerful experiences.

Keeping you focused

Feel connected with a group/speaker framing tracking camera, block out distractions with NoiseBlock & Acoustic Fence and keep everyone engaged.