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Enhanced wireless display & collaboration for classrooms...

ScreenBeam delivers app-free screen sharing on any device, eliminating the need to download an app or keep a cable or dongle nearby. Simply tap to wirelessly connect a mobile device to the display in the room. Teacher and guest devices have multiple ways to connect including local Wi-Fi mode, Miracast™ and network infrastructure connectivity.

Teachers can display up to four student screens at one time and can ink and annotate in Office 365 apps and share notes to student devices or the front-of-room display (Windows 10 device required).

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UC room integration to support BYOM

Seamless & enjoyable BYOM experiences

Simplicity & Scalability

Equipped with the enhanced ScreenBeam Classroom Commander experience, which provides both wireless display and student device organisation for Windows 10 or Chromebook student devices. What’s more – there are no ongoing licensing fees or subscription costs. ScreenBeam 1000 EDU delivers an affordable, simple teacher and student solution, with advanced technology that provides simplicity and scalability for deployment and management.