Interactive Displays for Education...

Choose unrivalled interactive displays that bring devices, education software and lesson content together. This range of interactive displays and suite of learning software, work seamlessly together to create one connected classroom environment. 


SMART Board MX series has all the essentials educators need to bring the devices students love into any learning environment.


The SMART Board 6000S interactive display with iQ and SMART Learning Suite is the hub of your classroom.


Combining powerful teaching tools with a simple user interface, the GX series takes interactive learning to a higher level.

Interactive Displays for Business...

SMART makes sharing ideas with your colleagues around the world as natural as meeting over coffee. With SMART, you can pass ideas back and forth between mobile devices, PCs, and interactive displays as fast as you can think of them.

MX Pro

The SMART Board MX Pro series has all the interactive tools teams require to collaborate at a great value.

7000R Pro

Combining writing precision with intuitive tools and convenient quick connectivity, the 7000R Pro series allows groups to collaborate efficiently.