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Why do interactive flat panels suit smart working space environment?

Well….when it comes to working space environments, it can be difficult to find a solution that satisfies all your employees. But there is one solution that’s sure to entertain even the fussiest of employees. This is the open workspace. Open workspace designs are more popular than ever and businesses are opting for a more strategic working environment with innovative technology solutions to go with it. Advanced technology is important in terms of success in any business therefore being able to facilitate such technology is imperative.

Interactive flat panels are a great way to show your clients that you are up to scratch with the latest technology and a great way to gain your customers interest.

Smart Working Space Environment

No one wants to be stuck in an enclosed working space that’s dull and ineffective. That’s why companies are striving to find new ways of enhancing the way their employees work by re-creating the layout of their offices and work spaces.

‘Within many offices, highly visible areas are equipped for full team collaboration capability with enterprise class security and remote manageability.’

This goes to show that these ‘open concept’ offices are better suited for allowing productive collaborations between staff, enabling them to share ideas and discuss what they need to discuss for them to grow as a business.

Certain work spaces share similar features. You’ll find that:
  • Smaller offices utilise all their space efficiently.

  • There are minimal visual obstructions making way for greater collaborations.

  • Fewer remote offices and more group areas such as lounges and break rooms.

  • Enclosed spaces set aside for quiet rooms to deal with any private matters.

According to Forbes, over 70% of American employees now work in “open concept” offices.

This new work space design enables co-workers to get involved with collaborative tasks as well as improving partnerships allowing trust and teamwork skills to be built.
  • Get rid of wires- Make desktops and conference rooms wireless and clutter free. This makes meetings rooms look clean and tidy, which is what you want when you have clients visiting.

  • Multipurpose workspaces- multipurpose workspaces can be utilised for everything from multimedia presentations to casual areas where you can take a break and well…. relax.

  • Modular design – Modular components can be mixed, stacked and re-ordered to suit your needs and to allow your meetings to be successful and productive.

  • Use of colour- It’s ideal to organise your office into colours. This allows you to identify what areas are for what.

  • Interactive screen- make use of visual communications in office spaces as this tends to enhance productivity, joy and creativity.

  • Make your office ‘Green’- whether you like the colour or not…saving power and energy is important.

Here at Rapid, we think that our interactive flat panel range suits the smart workspace environment, as it allows users to see a range of interactive panels all under one roof. It allows clients to walk around the room and make use any of the screens, eliminating the need for your potential clients to travel across the country to different demo studios. This could result in your clients reaching a quicker decision in terms of making an investment with you.

Our director of Visual Collaboration Solutions, Colin Birchall says, “Working with so many big, innovative companies, we see the open feel of the smart workplace environment encourages creativity, is productive and collaborative. We are working with these companies by introducing interactive flat panels and in many cases, they become the focus of productivity. The future is bright for this practice”.

To see for yourself, how interactive flat panels suit smart working environments, book a demonstration at our show room today!

Posted By: Gabby Evans - 17-Mar-2017

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