Affordable video conferencing for mid to large-size conference rooms

The amazingly affordable video conferencing system for mid to large-size conference rooms, allows any meeting place to be a video collaboration space.

USB plug-and-play connectivity makes GROUP super simple to deploy and use. It works within your own familiar computing environment with any video conferencing software application.

GROUP offers the ability to customise conference room set-up with multiple camera mounting options. Use the camera on the table or mount it on the wall with included hardware.

include everyone in the conversation Video Conferencing Elevated

A video conferencing solution for groups of 14–20 people, delivering high quality HD video and crystal-clear audio, enabling any meeting place to be a video collaboration space. With advanced features including acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction and intuitive controls, it’s now easier than ever to include everyone in the conversation.

plug-and-play connectivity Video Collaboration Made Simple

USB plug-and-play connectivity makes GROUP easy to use. Simply connect a laptop to conduct natural meetings within your own familiar computing environment for use with any video conferencing software application. Plus, you can use the state-of-the-art speakerphone with a Bluetooth wireless technology enabled mobile device for professional quality audio calls.

260°pan & 130° tilt

Smooth motorised pan, tilt and zoom, controlled from remote or console

10x lossless HD zoom

5 camera presets

90° Field of View

Acoustic echo cancellation

Noise reduction technology

Ideal for mid - large meeting rooms

Ultra-wideband audio

Key Features...

HD 1080p Video quality at 30 frames-per-second

Brings life-like full HD video to conference calls, enabling expressions, non-verbal cues and movements to be seen clearly.

90° Field of view with mechanical 260° pan and 130° tilt

The generously wide field of view and silky-smooth pan and tilt controls enhance collaboration by making it easy to see everyone in the room.

10x Lossless HD zoom

Zoom in on close-ups of objects and whiteboard content with outstanding detail and clarity.


High-precision lens automatically focuses on people and objects to deliver razor-sharp resolution wherever the lens is pointed.

Noise reduction technology

Ambient noises and other distracting tones are suppressed to support comfortable, natural-sounding conversation on both ends of the call. Advanced acoustic engineering reduces echo, making calls sound more natural.

Compatible with Mac® and PC

Simply connect a PC or Mac® to conduct meetings within the user’s own familiar computing environment.

Hear and be heard Natural sounding audio

Everyone hears and can be heard with GROUP’s full-duplex speakerphone, which delivers sound that’s clear and highly intelligible. Featuring acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction technology, which make conversations as natural-sounding as possible, while reducing distracting background noise.

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