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Meet, create and collaborate better with the Neat range:

Neat Bar

The cutting-edge video conferencing device designed to transform the way you connect and collaborate with your team.

Neat Bar Pro

Neat Bar Pro is the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology, elegantly packed into a slim and modern device. 

Neat Board

Neat Board is revolutionising the way we collaborate in meeting rooms thanks to its innovative features and modern design. 

Neat Board 50

The Neat Board 50 features a 4k 50″ multi-touch LCD screen, brining your work to life by accurately directing light and colour. 

Neat Centre

Neat Centre frames meeting participants in the meeting room face-on, ensuring that remote participants remain at the centre of the conversation.

Neat Frame

Spot every gesture – A 15.6-inch portrait screen provides an optimal layout, supporting direct conversations in larger meetings.

Neat Pad

A simple and elegant touch screen which you can use to control your meetings or display room availability outside the room.