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See what the Head of Digital Construction at Tru West had to say about their experience with Rapid and how they have overcome challenges in their workplace since working with us.

What challenges did you face before speaking to Rapid?

Before engaging with Rapid, some common challenges that organizations face in relation to Clevertouch Screens, Nureva Wall Screens, and digital signage screens could include:

a) Outdated technology: Using outdated or inefficient technology can hinder productivity and collaboration in the workplace.

b) Lack of interactivity: Traditional display solutions may not provide the interactivity and engagement required for effective communication and collaboration.

c) Inefficient communication and collaboration: Difficulties in sharing information, collaborating on projects, and engaging with team members can hinder productivity and hinder the overall workflow.

d) Limited flexibility and scalability: Existing solutions may lack the flexibility and scalability required to adapt to evolving business needs.

How would you describe the buying experience?

The buying experience with Rapid is often described as professional, efficient, and customer-centric. Rapid typically offers a consultative approach, providing expert guidance and tailored solutions based on the specific requirements of the organization. They aim to understand the unique challenges and goals of their customers and recommend suitable products and services accordingly. The buying process is often streamlined, and Rapid’s knowledgeable sales team ensures a smooth transition from initial consultation to product delivery and implementation.

How do you use our product/service and how much has it helped overcome your challenges in the workplace?

Rapid’s product portfolio, including Clevertouch Screens, Nureva Wall Screens, and digital signage screens, is designed to enhance communication, collaboration, and engagement in the workplace. Some common use cases and benefits of these solutions include:

a) Clevertouch Screens: These interactive displays can be used for digital whiteboarding, video conferencing, presentations, and collaborative brainstorming sessions. They facilitate seamless collaboration, engagement, and information sharing, leading to improved productivity and communication within teams.

b) Nureva Wall Screens: Nureva Wall Screens offer a large digital canvas for ideation, planning, and visualization. They enable teams to collaborate effectively, visualize complex concepts, and streamline project management processes. This can help overcome challenges related to visualizing and organizing ideas, facilitating efficient teamwork, and enhancing decision-making.

c) Digital Signage Screens: Digital signage screens help organizations effectively communicate and engage with their target audience. Whether used for internal communication within the workplace or external messaging for customers and visitors, digital signage screens offer dynamic and eye-catching displays that can convey important information, promotions, and updates efficiently.

By using Rapid’s products and services, organizations can overcome the challenges mentioned earlier by fostering a more interactive, collaborative, and efficient work environment. These solutions can lead to improved communication, enhanced productivity, and streamlined workflows.

Would you recommend Rapid to others?

Yes, we would highly recommend Rapid to others based on the positive feedback we have received from site teams and users on the Transpennine Route Upgrade project. The satisfaction and positive experiences of these stakeholders reflect the effectiveness and value of Rapid’s products and services in overcoming workplace challenges and improving collaboration, communication, and productivity. Their solutions have proven to be reliable, user-friendly, and instrumental in enhancing the overall work environment.

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