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How room booking systems can benefit your workplace?

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As staff begin returning to the office, the need for organisation in the workplace is crucial. That’s where room booking systems come in. Workspaces can manage and monitor the use of their meeting rooms and conference spaces in a way that is accessible and easy to use.  

So… what is a Room Booking System?

A room booking system is a digital solution that enables users to book, monitor and manage available rooms and areas within the workplace. They can be used in a variety of places, such as educational establishments, corporate offices and are particularly useful for flexible workplaces that use hybrid working. Providing easy and efficient ways to see how spaces are being used throughout the day, giving users insight into how well their meeting spaces are being used. Here are some of the main reasons why we think you should have a room booking system in your workplace:  

1. Efficient Space Reservation

The software behind the screen allows users to easily reserve a space either through an app, on the digital screen or through a desktop computer. Some room booking brands such as GoBright even allow you to make these reservations through Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams, making it a seamless process. By prebooking a space, users can see when and where an area is in use, allowing them to plan their day accordingly. Being able to identify which rooms are already booked, it eliminates the need to waste time trying to find a space to work. This helps to improve efficiency and time management, as people can spend more time working, rather than looking for an available space.  

2. Time and cost efficiency

Room booking systems eliminate the need to manually monitor and schedule meetings and conferences, so less time is spent on administrative duties. This results in both time and money being saved and that can be invested into more important tasks, which helps to improve efficiency and allows users to feel more in control of their schedule.  

In addition to this, users can quickly access real-time information about availability and details on any last-minute changes that may occur. Having access to these insights allows you to stay up to date with everything that is happening, reducing confusion and misunderstandings, as all staff can access the necessary information. 

3. Scalable Workplace Solution

For workspaces that are located across multiple locations, like university campuses and larger offices, room booking systems allow for an easy way to continuously monitor places that are not necessarily situated in one place. This allows for a stress-free and simple way to keep on top of any necessary reservations, without the need to frequently check different locations. With room and desk booking, all reservations can be monitored in one accessible place, which allows for easier collaboration and communication. If an organisation decides to add or remove locations, they can easily do so via the GoBright portal, making this a very scalable solution. 

4. Resource and Analytics tracking

It is simple to monitor data and analytics of each location with a room booking system. Look into a variety of different data sets, such as areas in use, popular meeting times, as well as whether reservations are not being fulfilled. By monitoring this data, businesses can focus on areas that need improvement and help you to see the most effective way to ensure that their office space is being utilised to its full potential.  

Not only this, but room booking systems can also be used with other applications. For example, many systems can be used with things such as catering and other necessary services, which creates even more value for money for the business. If there is a last-minute change, these services can also be automatically updated, allowing for a stress-free and efficient way to plan meetings and conferences without any hassle. 

5. Environmentally friendly

Without the need for manual scheduling and physical paperwork, room booking services are often more environmentally friendly, as they cut out the need for written and printed data. Thanks to this, businesses which are looking to become more environmentally friendly are able to do so, as there is no need to print out and waste resources, reducing their carbon footprint. Room booking also decreases the amount of emailing that may be needed in order to frequently arrange and reserve meeting rooms, which reduces a user’s digital carbon footprint. Some systems such as ROOMZ are battery powered and can even run off solar, making them an excellent option. 

Overall, room booking systems provide a quick and efficient way to closely monitor and keep on top of any existing or new reservations in a working or educational environment. By utilising these, businesses can stay updated on everything that is happening in a meeting space, without the hassle that often comes with arranging meetings in a workspace. 

If this sounds like something that your business would be interested in, then don’t hesitate to contact us


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